11/27/00 - Puke Day From Hell on new carpet!
This incident (one of many over the course of my life with my cats), happened a number of years ago. I had two cats at the time, Sadie and Tinker (RIP). Tinker was the puker. He loved Sadie and meticulously groomed her, thus getting a double-dose of furballs. It was time for his annual visit to the veterinarian. He never liked it much, as most cats don't, but it never seemed to bother him physically. When we returned home from the doctor, I treated him to a can of his favorite salmon flavored feast.

The day had been busy and I needed to leave for an evening with some friends at the community theater. All was well when I kissed them good-bye. Later on, when I returned home, I found not just one, but nine separate spots of puke on the carpet. My brand new carpet in the bedroom. The biggest deposit was right smack in the bedroom doorway. Oh the aroma that filled the room!! At 11pm, I got to work cleaning, but not before I had a good cry. Being the obsessive compulsive individual I am, this mess caused much distress.

The food was oily and left a shadow of a stain for a l-o-n-g time. It was there in fact until I had it professionally cleaned. Since then, I purchased a Hoover SteamVac Jr. and it has been a godsend. I have found too, if you let the area dry before cleaning, the puke cleans easier and leaves little or no stain. Puke on the carpet still causes an uneasiness, but it is replaceable, not so with my cats. They are always forgiven and who can blame them for trying to find an area of physical comfort during an episode of retching. The cold hard kitchen floor just doesn't cut it.