Carpet Cleaners and Stain Removers Reviews and Advice

Urine Erase I'm inexperienced with cat puke, but for cat pee (or dog, or baby) the best I've found is a product called urine erase (that's for real!) It works to remove all odor and stains. It's an enzyme cleaner but it works better than oxyclean. I have one dog and four kids.

Spot Shot Spot Shot is the best puke spot remedy ever! I have 2 major pukers, both 14 years old, and this stuff works like a charm, I have beige carpet.

Mistolin, borax I find that if I clean it up really quickly on the carpet (with a cap full of Mistolin in a bucket to water, not full bucket, can't carry it around the house), then let some borax soak in and vacuum it once it's completely dry, boom, no more stain. I've got neutral carpets, so this was imperative that I find a way to get it clean. And my kitty does some down right nasty staining stuff. I find some foods, the food coloring in them 1) makes kitty sick, and 2) stains carpet worse. I find Purina cat chow is pretty safe.

Hartz Help! Pet Stain and Odor Remover Try Hartz Help! Pet Stain and Odor Remover for carpet and upholstery. It comes with a money back guarantee. I have 4 feline pukers and 2 canine ones and it works! I buy it at K-mart on the pet aisle. My sister is a believer in it also.She has 3 cats and a PUPPY!

Oxy-Clean I've discovered that 'Oxy-Clean' solution works really well at removing cat puke stains. After wiping up as much as you can, squirt the solution generously (mixed per directions), moosh it around to work it into the fabric, and let it sit for about 30 minutes. It will disappear! Then use a clean wet cloth to wipe away the remains. You can buy it in the detergent section at the supermarket. Signed me, Another cat puke victim.

Citrasolv and Hydrogen peroxide I can offer a couple of good cleaning product suggestions: Citrasolv - is great for cleaning katpuke spots from carpeting. It is also an all-natural, environmentally friendly product. I usually find it at health food stores. Hydrogen peroxide - I've had good luck using this to clean Katpuke from the cotton cushions of my furniture. Probably wise to check for color-fastness first.

Folex and OxyClean I purchased Folex spray stain remover a year ago or so, as i had tried most every thing else. When i first used it i was thrilled, it worked wonderfully. I was amazed at how well it picked up the stain and when the carpet dried it was as if there had never been a stain. What i have come to find out though, is that the stains later reappear. They seem to return over time regardless of my having rinsed the site and vacuumed it regularly. Not only have the spots come back but they seem nearly impossible to remove now. I will say this, so far the one product I have found that seems to remove these old stains as well as other older stains i have used other products on, is OxyClean. I took in a cat for a friend that was in an apartment temporarily and couldn't keep the cat with her. Understandably, the cat was not happy and chose to urinate in various places throughout the house. I had a large area in my hallway that i had tried numerous enzyme type products in hopes of deterring the cat from going in that spot. She just moved down and went right next to the previous area. Gradually, she would return to the old areas again as well, creating one large area. Over time many products seemed to work at first but eventually, either the spot would return or the cat would go there again. Making matters worse, one of my cats, offended by the new cat's urinating, began also urinating in the same areas. So once the other cat was gone, I still had a cat urinating in the same areas. This problem has been resolved, but it has taken longer to get rid of the stains. To date OxyClean has been the only product that has removed the stains with out having them return. It has been approximately 6 to 7 months since i used the OxyClean, and so far no stains have returned. I just thought i would let you know, as it can at first be misleading when a product seemingly removes a stain.

FOAM shaving cream I have found that if you ahve white or light carpet, the best cleaner is FOAM shaving cream. A while back I read that you could clean carpet stains with shaving cream. I used it in my former apartment when money was tight, and saw that it did a beautiful job. So, now when my little darlings have a not-so- nice experience with food or a hairball, I clean up what I can, then I take my handy 89 cents a can shaving cream and rub it into the carpet. Sometimes I let it sit, sometimes I clean it right away (depending on time constraint). Then I grab a rag, get it a little damp and rub the spot. Whe it dries.... no more stain! I have never had to use this on any color carpet besides cream/off white, so I do not know if it will bleach out darker carpets or not.

Forget all those top cleaners-the BEST is CLOTHES DETERGENT!!!

I'll just through this out to you and you can pass it along to others- I tore up wall to wall carpeting due to cat urine and when I pulled up the padding the stuff had CRYSTALLIZED! The room stunk but I got this stuff called NATURES MIRICLE that I thought I'd try. It has no smell at all and I was sure it wouldn't work but if you just wait like it say, it really does work. It's made out of enzymes. Sorry, don't know who makes it cause I haven't had to re- buy it.

litter pearl thingies
My cat recently had an amazing projectile vomit. It was a streak greater than 2 feet long. Poor guy. Anyway, I discovered it, hard to miss on the most obvious part of the white carpet, when it was very new. I was totally exhausted after traveling all day and just dumped some of those litter pearl thingies on it. Well, I was exhausted for days and ignored the thing. A few days later I got out the vacuum cleaner and vacuumed up the pearls. I had the Folex and Chemdry all ready to work on the brown stains, but literally couldn't find them after I vacuumed the pearls. I don't know if they will always work that well, but I'll be doing it again.

baking soda
let the mess dry until it's hard and vacuum it up with the vacuum nozzle to remove as much as I can. Then I spray the area with water and sprinkle on a healthy dose of baking soda. Let this dry and then re-vacuum the area. Almost always good as new.

Woolite Pet Stain and Odor Remover
Woolite Pet Stain and Odor Remover - we have had this one leave stains on our carpet, (one site visitor has commented that it left stains on theirs too, they had sisal carpet (kind of a grass mat type rug), maybe the type of carpet matters too) although, eventually the stains go away.

Dirt Devil rug shampoo
Dirt Devil has a rug shampoo that works pretty good on kittie puke and stains - mix it 1/4 cup cleaner to 1 pint warm water - 1st pick up all surface solids and then use a damp cloth to swipe up what you can of the spill, then use a rag soaked in the cleaner mix to blot and scrub. Use a clean wet rag to get as much of the cleaner out of the carpet as you can when the mess is cleaned up (carpet shampoo leaves a film which attracts dirt which makes the stain "reappear" over time - the reason the power cleaners work so well is most of them suck the cleaning fluid back out of the rug). Any dry powder for carpets sprinkled on at this point speeds up drying, and then you vacuum. As my kitties have acid vomit with technicolor stain ability, if I don't have time clean right away I get up what I can and leave a wet rag over the spot until I can get to it. Old stains, not found until they have dried and soaked in, are dealt with the same, but it takes a few sessions and sometimes the added power of oxyclean or soda water (fizzies seem to help dislodge glued on micro particles). When all else fails I rearrange the furniture or add a decorative throw rug. I just got new carpeting in the living room - it seems to clean better than the old did, probably because the anti-stain treatment is newer.